Stubs all grown up (see Etties pups)

Lottie Born 29-3-07 living in Oxfordshire


  Fletcher Watson born 14-7-06 now living happily with his owners in Wisbech.

Travis Born in August 08 now living in London much loved.

Charley born August o8, Very happy fellow living in Gloucestershire.

Billy, a Son of Phoebe, goes to work with his owner on an animal park, he made great friends with a goat and had his picture in many periodicals including 'Boxer Quarterly'

Theo (left) Poppy's Son, enjoying a romp with his best friend Twiglet. 2009

BARTLANS BOOGIE WOOGIE 'MOLLY' Molly was out of Tynteville Buzzin Off to Bartlans x Bucksteps Evergreen of Mananin. She was Phoebe's Second litter and that was born 4-2-04, Phoebe had super looking kids and this one is no exception, a really lovely head shot. Thank you Jane for the photo.