Ken and Sue and our first family

I was 12 years old when my Father gave me a postcard with the picture of a Boxer on it, he also gave me a cigarette card with a Boxer on it. The postcard caption read ;Beauty the Boxer, has large brown eyes and an ugly face, but beautiful as well. I kept the cards and many moons later I got the real thing.

Ken and I live in the wonderful Cotswolds, all the seasons bring their own beauty to the hilly undulating landscape. Ken was born here but I came from worcestershire not long after I left school to work in a National Hunt establishment, I was not allowed to have a dog but I did have a cat which was forever producing kittens, I loved being second Mother to these tiny creatures and between working hours they absorbed a lot of my time, I never wanted to let them go. Ashey had several litters, all moggies, I still wanted a Boxer.

Ken and I met and got together in our 30's and at long last I bought our first Boxer, she was so pretty and we called her Shelley, showing dogs was not on my mind but we soon went to a little show where everyone sat on bales of straw and itched for weeks afterwards! but we met lots of people who were very kind and helpful, soon we were going to lots of little shows , and the showing bug was truly caught. It wasnt the intention to start with, yet it wasnt long before I had obtained several books and absorbed the breed and the standard while going to more shows and watching other peoples Boxers, I soon realised that Shelley was not the most beautifully made Boxer on the planet and that I should be looking at all the things I had been looking at in horses, construction ballance etc. I  had owned a Welsh Mountain, and a Connemara, and before them  a Thoroughbred.

After 2 years we felt ready to move on, although Shelly was not the most beautiful she came from a large family so could be a good brood bitch. She was mated to Steynmere Smooth Talk and to cut a long story short, she had inertia and lost four of her five pups ,we kept the only survivor, we named him Oliver and he was a white puppy much adored and lived till he was 11 years old. So the softie in me had another pet!

After this awful first attempt at breeding Ken bought a puppy from Pat and Bob Banks, They had been showing and breeding for many years under their affix of Marven, our new baby was very dark indeed and as she grew we realised that there was never going to be any visable brindle stripes and she was never going to be very big, she was by Champion Glenfall the Gladiator, I had seen him at what may have been his first show at 6 months of age and like many others fell in love with him, over the years I have often heard the expression 'a head to die for' but this dog certainly did, so well ballanced with eyes which would melt an ice block, he did wonders for the breed and many dogs which are Champions now go back to Daily.We had lots of fun with Tara and enormous amount of winning at Open Show level under her name of Marven Morning Chorus at Bartlans, but less success at championship shows, we now had 3 Boxers, Shelley, Oliver and Tara.

I mated Shelley again to Champion Glenfall the Gladiator and she conceived just one puppy, This was Bartlans Express Delivery 'Busby' so called as Shelley was stung by a bee in the car on her way to the surgery for her delivery, (the Bee was to become my logo later on) the line I so wanted to start from Shelley was hardly going splendidly, but again Daily worked his magic and Busby had a lovely head and we once more had lots of accolades with her, but when she was old enough she was taken out of the ring to be mated to Bucksteps Going For Gold at Glenfall. We had a bigger success this time and had six puppies, three whites one plain bitch, one flashy dog in that order arrived, gutted that my longed for brindle and white bitch hadnt arrived I went off, as you do, for a cuppa, while getting that someone called to see us and so having put the whelping box cosy (thinking that was it) I had a bit of a surprise to find another delivery of exactly what I wanted, a flashy brindle and white girl. Bartlans Bees'a'Buzzin had arrived, Beattie gave us even more fun and accolades, however at an open show one day two dogs outside the ring had a fight while we were in the ring,  as we were in line we faced  a bitch who was shown left handed, at the sound of a fight this one leapt forwad at Beattie who wasn't slow to react!  after this Beattie would not behave in the ring again, she lurched and plunged and became a real handfull, after one show when I had man handled her into better behaviour I retired her from showing. Beattie was to never produce a bitch to breed on with and the line which had hardly got going stopped here.I bought in other bitches and they all failed in one way or another, well not failed exactly but we preferred bitches not males, they never came along!

Eventually after a few years out of the ring and not breeding I bought a bitch from Sue Ballinger of the Tynteville affix, This was Tynteville Buzzin off to Bartlans, we called her Phoebe, later to be known as Feeble Phoebe! she hated showing, she would'nt even show stand at home, were we doomed yet again? well not quite, as you will see. So this is where this site starts, with Phoebe and how we have have progessed since she came along. Phoebe now lives in a pet home where she has all the attention she deserves after producing Bartlans T'rees'A'Green, We call her Ettie.