In October 2014 at the end of the camping season I retired, having stayed on longer than expected, I missed my home and garden. Throughout the past three summers Badger was as ever my constant companion, his sister Beebs was at home with Ken and I missed her too, by this time they were Seven and half years old and in the summer of 2014 my good friend Samantha Cant had a litter out of Mananin Double Entrand x Sleipnir Ch Eric Weatherhat so I had a little Bitch as a playmate (for all of us!) I was not interested in a show dog, just a pet.

Rosie was a bundle of joy, bright as a button, and very mischievious and she had a week of camping life before we went home.

After two weeks of being home Badger had a fit, and to cut a long tale short he had many more. He was on a homeopathic drug which alas did very little to help, after nine months he went onto Pexion, he continues to fit but otherwise he is between times a very happy dog with no other signs of illness.





Since 2011 activities regarding breeding have been very quiet, Bartlans Bonsai Beech (Beebs) sadly missed when mated in 2011 and in 2012 I took it upon myself to take a job offered me to run a campsite for a couple of years, and what a wet time was had by all! I hope 2013 will be a bit dryer and sunnier as this will be my last year being the Manager. I have not decided about Beebs future mating.

Beebs, and Badger are happy and well, alas Henry was put to sleep after a couple of strokes which he would not recover from 2013

 Badgers sister Lottie went on to have a litter for her owner and Duffy, one of her daughters has just had a litter of her own, so the line still goes on.

Bartlans Eva Green at Mananin also missed at her last mating, its not as easy as one may think! she eventually went to a new home for one to one lovings and is very happy.

Ettie their Mother died of a brain tumor in 2011 and is so missed to this day.